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The Yeti is a character and one of the new-found Master Builders in The LEGO Movie.


The Yeti briefly appears during the climax of the film as one of the many citizens battling against the Micro Managers. He appears aiding the Panda Guy to take down a Micro Manager by throwing a club made of ice at it. He is also a part of the series 11 Minifigures.

Portrayal in the Videogame

In The LEGO Movie Videogame, the Yeti appears as a playable character. He can throw snowballs to destroy objects and enemies. He can be found next to the water in destroyed Cloud Cuckoo Land and purchased for 100,000 studs.


The Yeti has a molded head with white fur and blue skin with two light-yellow fangs coming out of his mouth.

Abilities and Skills

The Yeti, having a molded head, cannot move his mouth or the fur on his head. It should also be noted that he cannot move the pupils in his eyes, despite those being printed parts, not molded parts. He is also very strong and can lift heavy objects.


  • The Yeti can be seen in the background of the "Behind the Bricks" featurette.