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Wonder Woman is a character, Master Builder and DC Hero in The LEGO Movie, The LEGO Batman Movie and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. She is voiced by Cobie Smulders in both the first film and in the sequel.


The Lego Movie

She first appears in the Master Builder conference within Cloud Cuckoo Land and attempts to escape in the Invisible Jet, but Bad Cop's robot forces blow it up, and she curses "Dang it".

She is then taken prisoner and trapped in Lord Business' Think Tank, but is later set free from the traps along with the other captured characters when Emmet sacrifices himself to stop an electric current from electrocuting the Master Builders.

The Lego Movie 2

She is one of five heroes who attempt to search for the Duplo invaders, but five years later she goes missing and is presumed dead. This is proven otherwise when Emmet and Rex Dangervest visit the Plant-animal planet, where they see that she was "brainwashed" into singing and dancing to the Catchy Song. The duo eventually escape from the Duplo characters.

Later, she shows up as a guest to the wedding between Batman and Queen Wat'eva, but Rex hijacks the Invisible Jet to get back to the Rex-celsior.


  • There are 3 versions of Wonder Woman who Emmet and Rex encounter. The first is a Lego version, the second a Duplo version and the third a Lego DC Superhero Girls
  • She makes a comment that she "left her lasso" on the Invisible Jet when Rex takes control of it.
  • It is unknown how she rebuilt her jet in the second movie when it was destroyed by Bad Cop in the first.
  • It is similarly unknown how Bad Cop could see the jet, given that it was invisible.
  • The Invisible Jet was actually parked on top of the Batmobile in Cloud Cuckoo Land.