The LEGO Movie Wiki

I always check my messages. I am very creative.

Favorite pages

  1. Heroes Wiki
  2. Villains Wiki
  3. Heroes Fanon Wiki
  4. Villains Fanon Wiki
  5. Lego Movie Wiki (You are here!)
  6. SwapFell Wiki
  7. UnderTale AU Wiki
  8. Casino Cups (Cuphead AU) Wiki


  • Toxic People
  • Toxic Fandoms
  • Anything Disorganized/not neat (drives them INSANE)
  • Getting banned

Rules for message wall

  1. No Strong Language. I don't allow that!
  2. No rudeness. No need to be mean to others!

What they do:

  • Fix Spelling errors and Run-off Sentences
  • add Templates on wikis (such as Stub, Cleanup, Ect.)