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I LOVE legos and the lego movie!

My collection

Honestly now A LOT I have:

Kings Castle (Knights Kingdom 2006)

City House (City 2010)

Lego XXL box(bricks and more 2010)

Log Cabin (creator 2011) (missing pieces)


Emmet and Lucy's Escape Buggy! (missing pieces)

Emmet's builder box (the Lego movie 2)

Lucy's builder box (the Lego movie 2)

Emmet and Benny's 'Build and Fix' Workshop! (The Lego Movie 2)

Emmet's Thricycle!(The Lego Movie 2)

Queen Watevra's Build Whatever Box!(The Lego Movie 2)

Battle-Ready Batman and MetalBeard(The Lego Movie 2)

Benny's Space Squad(The Lego Movie 2)

Introducing Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi(The Lego Movie 2)

Unikitty's Sweetest Friends EVER!(The Lego Movie 2)

Systar Party Crew(The Lego Movie 2)

Good Morning Sparkle Babies!(The Lego Movie 2)

shimmer and sparkle spa! (The Lego Movie 2)

Queen Waterva's 'Not Evil" Palace (The Lego Movie 2)

Action Battle end or assult (Star wars 2019)

Olaf (frozen 2 2019)

Enchanted Treehouse (frozen 2 2019) (missing pieces)

Diving Yacht (City 2019)

Magic Forest Bracelet (Dots 2020)

Beach surfer house (Creator 2021)

Safari Wildlife Treehouse (creator 2021)

Wild Lion (Creator 2021)

Polybags I currently have:

Barbeque Burn Out (city 2019)

Popcorn cart (city 2019)

Poe Doneroers x wing fighter (Star wars 2019)

Emmet’s piece offering (the Lego movie 2)

Rex’s Plantinaml Ambush (the Lego movie 2)

Lucy Vs. Ailen invader (the Lego movie 2)

Star stuck emmet (the Lego movie 2)

Mini master building metalbeard (the Lego movie 2)

Mini master building Emmet (the Lego movie 2)

All of the Lego movie 2 are from late 2018-early 2019

Tips when building legos

  • Take your time. If you know a proffesional and need help ask!
  • Knifes can damage a lego if you split it, try something hard and plastic instead, also aim for the corner, not the side.
  • Look at the pieces needed first then get them, and then start building.