Hi! I'm Princess Unikitty, and I wanna welcome you all to the Unikingdom!

–Unikitty introducing herself

Princess Unikitty, commonly referred to as Unikitty, is a major character in the The LEGO Movie. In the movie, she lived in Cloud Cuckoo Land and later became a member of Emmet's team. She is voiced by Alison Brie in The LEGO Movie, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, and LEGO Dimensions, Jessica DiCicco in The LEGO Movie Videogame and The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game and Tara Strong in Unikitty!.

Biography Edit

The LEGO Movie Edit

Emmet and the others go to Cloud Cuckoo Land to give a speech to all of the other Master Builders and first ever joined Emmet Brickowski's team. Just until when Emmet said that he was not a Master Builder yet, things got even more worse. Bad Cop and the drop-ships and the Micro Managers destroy Cloud Cuckoo Land to yet still find The Special. However, The good team built a submarine in order to get underwater safely but because Cloud Cuckoo Land was destroyed, it caused Unikitty to say for herself to feel like, "The Opposite Of Happiness!".

Later they make a goal to put the Piece Of Resistance on the Kragle in order to save the world. Batman and Unikitty try to distract Lord Business, while Emmet tries to stop the Kragle.

Unikitty! Edit

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The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part Edit

Unikitty was ready to battle againts the DUPLO aliens is seen in her warrior form sleeping, later woken by Lucy. When Lucy gets ready to look for General Mayhem's spacecraft, Unikitty transforms into UltraKatty so Lucy can ride on her. Then later again, they get taken by General Mayhem. Unikitty, Metalbeard, Batman, Lucy and Benny were in Mayhem's Spacecraft and were brought to the Systar system. They meet Queen Watevra Wa'nabi. While in the "not Evil" song, after Queen Watevra Wa'nabi says some things she would do for Benny and Metalbeard, Unikitty wants to have Wa'nabi to do something for her. Queen Wa'nabi asks her what the most glitter that Unikitty can imagine is, which Unikitty responds to with "a lot!" Queen Whatevra says "times that by infinity!" Unikitty gets excited. When Lucy's hair was revealed to be light blue with Pink "highlights", She says it looks cute. Later in a music therapy room, Unikitty was seen to been "brainwashed" by the "Catchy song" and has a form as Disco Kitty. She tells Lucy to "join the party" and to not be a "Grumple Dumpus." When General Mayhem explains to Lucy that they just want to make peace with them. (which means that Benny, Metalbeard and Unikitty are not "brainwashed") When the wedding is starting, Unikitty, Benny and Metalbeard tried to stop Emmet from ruining the wedding, which they failed at - Miserably. This causes "Armageddon" to happen. Shown in Rex Dangervest's backstory, a Unikitty Lego figure is seen being played by Bianca, along with Batman, General Mayhem, Benny and Wyldstyle. Everyone (except Emmet and Rex Dangervest) were put in a Lego bin. Later, they worked together to save Emmet from Rex Dangervest. In the spaceship scene, Unikitty was in spaceship form. Unikitty fires a light blue laser beam out of her horn to slice one of Rex's interceptors in half. near the ending of the movie, you could see Unikitty's new house (which is shaped just like herself) and is seen with Metalbeard, Benny, Sweet Mayhem, Queen Watevra Wa'nabi, Emmet, Lucy, Batman, and Unikitty herself on a lovely looking platform. Unikitty pops up, smiling as Emmet gasps when he sees Lucy on an album of "Everything is Awesome" in the end.

Personality Edit

While Unikitty can be very sweet with her friends and very protective of her younger brother, Puppycorn, she will lose it with those who do not remain positive or creative.

Overall, though, Unikitty will do anything to protect her kingdom and make sure every day goes perfectly and is, most importantly, fun.



Unikitty/"Biznis" Kitty stalling President Business.

In the first film, Unikitty is a cat-unicorn hybrid who lived in Cloud Cuckoo Land with the Master Builders, and later joined Emmet and his friends when the place was invaded by Bad Cop's forces. Unikitty has many forms, such as Angry kitty, Super Angry kitty, Queasy kitty, Sitting unikitty, Disco kitty, Ultrakatty, Warrior kitty, Astro kitty, and "Biznis" Kitty.

Portrayal in the SetsEdit

Unikitty has appeared in sixteen LEGO Movie sets, each with a unique look;

  • 70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace (Normal Unikitty)
  • 70809 Lord Business' Evil Lair (Biznis Kitty)
  • 70810 Metalbeard's Sea Cow (Queasy kitty)
  • 70814 Emmet's Construction Mech (Angry kitty)
  • 70816 Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! (Astro kitty)
  • 70817 Batman and Super Angry Kitty Attack (Super Angry kitty)
  • 70818 Double Decker Couch (Sitting unikitty).
  • 70820 LEGO Movie maker (warrior kitty - with claws)
  • 70822 Unikitty's Sweetest Friends EVER! (unikitty - 2 new face pieces)
  • 70827 Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy (UltraKatty)
  • 70828 Pop-Up Party Bus (Disco Kitty)
  • 70831 Emmet's Dream House/Rescue Rocket (Warrior Kitty - standing & sleeping figures)
  • 71231 Unikitty Fun Pack (Normal - different face)
  • 70837 Shimmer and Shine Sparkle Spa (Warrior Kitty - happy)
  • 70842 Emmet's Triple Decker Couch Mech (Warrior Kitty - with spiky tail)
  • 70848 Systar Party Crew (Disco Kitty)
  • Unikitty also appeared as an SDCC Exclusive Mini-figure, under the guise of Cheerykitty/Cutesykitty, which included two different faces that could be swapped around. There is also an Exclusive Warrior kitty figure (which also has two different faces.)

Portrayal in the VideogameEdit


Angry Kitty

Unikitty is one of the many playable characters in the game, and has the second most playable incarnations, clocking in at seven, just behind Emmet with thirteen. She can destroy rainbow coloured bricks and turn into Angry Kitty. One of her variants, which is Angry Kitty, can be unlocked with via cheat code.


Unikitty is 5 ½ bricks tall, her body is has a 1x3x5 volume, and her head has a volume of 1x3x10, making her the true largest character in the film without wearing or utilizing anything.

She has two sets of paws both differently coloured; one being royal cyan blue (front pair), and the other being light yellow


(back pair). Above the lower paws are white fur and above those are her torso and upper legs, coloured completely pink. Her tail is white on the front, but pale blue on the sides. Her neck is coloured spring-yellowish green. Her head is shaped rectangular with the facial features of a cat with white fur on the lowest part. Her eyes are mostly black with blue on the sides. There is a lighter-coloured semi-circle where the top half of her eyes and mouth are. On the sides of her face, she has dark pink dots. On top of her head are her ears, which are both coloured a darker pink. Between the two ears is a royal-blue unicorn horn with a white base at the center stud of her head.

Unikitty/Queasy KittyEdit

When Unikitty becomes seasick, her fur, horn, and parts of her tail turn green. Her eyes also become brown-red.

Her head, torso, and horn become sand green, while her back pair of paws become olive green and the sides of her tail, the

Queasy Kitty

front pair of paws, and lower face become yellowish-green. The only parts of her body that remain the same color while she is in this state are her neck, the base of the horn, the upper paws, and the front of the tail. When she becomes seasick in the film, all that is seen of her is her head. The entirety of her can be seen in the Metalbeard's Sea Cow set and in the Videogame.

Unikitty/Biznis KittyEdit

When Unikitty goes into Octan Tower with the others, Benny uses a marker to disguise her so she can go into the board room of the Tower with Batman to make Lord Business add changes to his plan. Glasses are drawn on her face and Euro, Percentage, Dollar, and @ signs drawn on both sides of her body. On


Astro Kitty

the front of her torso is a striped tie. The dots on the sides of her face are absent, however.

Unikitty/Astro KittyEdit

When returning to Bricksburg in a spaceship, Benny supplies Wyldstyle and Unikitty with spacesuits. Unikitty's torso, tail, upper paws, ears, and most of her face are now blue. Pearl gold boots now cover her lower paws. Her horn is pearl gold as well now. She has the classic Space logo on her upper hind legs. Her face is similar to the face of her normal variant, except with a smaller smile.


In The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, Unikitty has the power to transform into a much larger version of herself. This new form is around three mini-figures tall with her Angry Kitty colors. She has a lion-like mane comprised of spikes and blades, gunmetal grey armor and fully flexible legs and tail.



She Transforms by Thinking inner Rage, and This form is used during Her and Wyldstyle's "Recon" in the beginning of the Film.

Abilities and Skills Edit

Out of all of the Master Builders who help Emmet in the first film, Unikitty is arguably the most powerful. Though she may come across as simply sweet and innocent, she shouldn't be underestimated; for when she is angered, she is a force to be reckoned with as she will unleash her near-omnipotent powers on those unfortunate enough to make her angry.

Unicorn PowersEdit

Being half unicorn, she has the ability to use her horn to lift objects into the air and assemble them into objects. She usually does this with her eyes closed, implying that concentration is required for her to do so. This is only seen in the

Unikitty assembling rainbow bricks with her horn

videogame. Edit

Other things she can do with her horn is create sparkles and fire blasts of sparkly objects that resemble happiness, such as flowers, wands, and butterflies.


Unikitty is very acrobatic, which is seen in both the Videogame and the movie. She displays the ability to target and pounce onto multiple objects, climb up walls using grips on the wall, jump higher than most, and fight enemies. However, she can not swing on poles like all other acrobatic characters in the Videogame.


Unikitty is shown to have the strength to flip over the Master Builders' submarine while it was being built, when enraged, she also cleaves through tons of Micro Managers.


Unikitty is shown in the movie to be extremely flexible in her legs and mouth, with her being able to enlarge her mouth to swallow things almost five times her size, which does not seem to affect the size of her stomach.

Size Manipulation Edit

Unikitty is shown to be able to manipulate her size in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part as Warrior Kitty. However, it appears that this ability can only be used when she's enraged, as Unikitty had to become angry in order to use it.


  • One of her variants in The LEGO Movie Videogame is called Mega Kitty, which is simply Rage Kitty but much larger. This only appears in the last story chapter and as a construction in the Bonus Room. However, this variant does not appear to be made out of actual LEGO Bricks.
  • In the video game adaption, she is voiced by Jessica DiCicco.
  • She is voiced by Tara Strong in the new TV series Unikitty!.
  • After the Coronavirus She does not Cough up and Fires Glitter Hairball Missles at all.
  • Glitter Hairball Missels are Cute but Disgusting.
  • If you See a Glitter Hairball Missle, you will Vomit.


Quotes Edit

Hyeeeeeeeeee! i am Princess Unikitty and i Welcome you All to Cloud Cookoo Land!

What are they Doing this To my Home?

What's the Point? There Destroying Cloud Cuckoo Land!

But they Might hurt Me!

And I Don't Like getting hurt, Because when People hurt Me...

I... Get... Angry! Raaargh!

Let's get them!

Accessing Inner RAGE!

Stay positive...

Oh, forget it!

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