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Emmet: Ahh! Enemy ship!

Rex: That's a Negative! That..that boy is my ship!

–-Emmet and Rex referring to the Rexcelsior


The Rexcelsior is Rex Dangervest's Flagship and main Hub. It is a fist-shaped spaceship that's mostly ran by Rex himself and his trained Velociraptors. Notably, it features skating ramps, ping pong tables, arcade machines, vending machines that dispense Rex-branded energy drinks and a pool table.

It's later revealed to be a time machine, consisting of parts from the Tardis (Doctor Who), the DeLorean's Flux Capacitor (Back to the Future franchise), the Time Displacement Equipment (Terminator franchise), the Hot Tub Time Machine (Hot Tub Time Machine), the Time Machine (H.G. Wells' The Time Machine), and the Phone booth (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure). Rex uses it to go back in time to save Emmet's ship from crashing into a meteor.


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