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The Flash (real name Barry Allen) is a character in The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie. He is voiced by Adam DeVine.


The Lego Movie

The Flash was interestingly part of MetalBeard's crew that stormed the Octan Tower. The plan fell apart when the Flash along with the Ringmaster were captured at gunpoint by hundreds of Robo Feds, despite the former possessing superhuman speed..

Afterwards, he was presumably put in a Think Tank before being freed when Emmet jumped out of Octan Tower with the battery that was to be used to kill all of the Master Builders. After the T.A.K.O.S. is destroyed, he is seen with Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Aquaman.

The Lego Movie 2

When the Duplo characters wage war on Bricksburg, he and four other superheroes pursue the aliens to their homeland, but are missing presumed killed after five years. However, it is later shown that he was alive and well, but seemingly brainwashed to the Catchy Song. Emmet later found out that they were having fun, rather than being manipulated by the Duplo characters.


The Flash wears a red suit with a mask decorated with two yellow lightning bolts on the sides of the mask. His suit is decorated with his signature logo with a white circle and a lightning bolt going through it. Around his waist is a belt shaped like a lightning bolt. His skin is flesh-colored like all licensed characters in the movie and he has orange eyebrows. Similar to Bad Cop/Good Cop, he has two faces; one happy, one angry. The lower right of his other face can be partially glimpsed as he and the Ringmaster are caught. This can be seen for three frames.


  • He and Aquaman are the only DC heroes in the movie who do not appear in the video game.