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Syspocalypsestar, formerly known as Bricksburg, and later Apocalypseburg. It is a massive bustling megapolis infinite in size which contains the entirety of the LEGO Universe and the Systar System. Most, if not all of the main characters of the LEGO Movies live.


The LEGO Movie

Bricksburg is a realm composed entirely out of one massive city inhabited by many Minifigures with city-related occupations, like baristas and construction workers. Master Builders built tunnels in the massive walls surrounding the realm in order to escape President Business's grasp. It was also the first (and only) realm to be attacked by the Kragle-izer until President Business was redeemed and un-kragled the affected parts of the city.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

Most of Bricksburg was destroyed after The Man Upstairs allowed Finn's sister to play in the basement. Lucy describes it as being a "cooler, grittier, and more mature society. The center of the city is a wrecked Statue of Liberty that contains the city's highest point which is the statue's torch where Lucy does most of her "brooding" sessions. The sides of the statue also have scaffolding homes, and shipping crates on them, possibly a reference to Ready Player One.

After Apocalypseburg was created, it had no attackers from the Systar System until a mysterious ship came into Apocalypseburg, and from here the events of The LEGO Movie 2 transpire. At the end of the movie, Apocalypseburg becomes Syspocalypstar, once the Systar system and the people of Apocalypseburg make peace.



It can be assumed that most, if not all the major locations that are shown in the LEGO Movies were eventually assimilated into Syspocalypsestar.