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Super Red Relics contain parts and items you can equip in game to enhance gameplay.

Super Parts

Super Builder’s Hat

All builds are now free.

Super Cowl

Green night vision

Super Frog Hat

Double your jump height

Super Goggles

Gives you Robin yellow / green vision.

Super Headphones

Plays the new remix of Everything is Awesome from LEGO Movie 2.

Super Helmet

Insta destroy everything

Super Space Helmet

Red space vision

Super Top Hat

2x Multiplier

Super Items

Super Jetpack

No limit Jetpack

Super Paint Gun

Anything you shoot turns to GOLD!

Super Bow

Dynamite effect when arrows hit.

Super Blaster

Long range seeking rockets.

Super Boombox

Everyone in the area dances non stop.

Super Map

Chests will appear on the map, Master Pieces will have floating indicators.

Super Magnet

Triple the range you collect studs and bricks from.

Super Fists

Breaks through any LEGO obstacle.

Super Shield