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The Statue of Liberty is a minor character and Master Builder in The LEGO Movie.


The Statue of Liberty is a popular landmark in the United States. The LEGO version is much smaller and living. She appears at the assembly of Master Builders at Cloud Cuckoo Land with her torch, though strangely not her printed tile that came with the minifigure. She is one of the many Master Builders captured by Lord Business when Cloud Cuckoo Land is attacked. After being captured she was put in a Think Tank to have her creativity harvested to make instructions for citizens to follow. She was freed when Emmet jumped out of the window with the battery.

Portrayal in the Videogame

Lady Liberty in the Videogame.

She is a playable character in the video game. She can start a fire with her torch and throw it in a boomerang-like way. Her jumping attack is slamming face down on the ground, to coincide with the fact that she is a statue. Like other female minifigures, she can jump high.


She is faded green with robe patterns printed on her and a crown-like hat on her head. She has a printed slope piece for a robe, so she has to hop around with it as opposed to walking normally.

Abilities and Skills

Despite being a heavy statue made out of metal, she can jump fairly high and can toss her torch in a way akin to a boomerang. Being a Master Builder, she is very creative and doesn't need instructions to create.


  • In The LEGO Movie, the flame on her torch does not move at all, possibly meaning that it's fake, yet in the Videogame, it is actually a lit torch.