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Speed Racer is a minor character and Master Builder in The LEGO Movie.


Speed Racer was a character from a realm composed entirely of Speed Racer LEGO. He was part of MetalBeard's crew and one of the many that stormed Octan Tower in an attempt to stop Lord Business's intentions. The plan fell apart when Metalbeard's crew were captured, Speed Racer, being attacked by a shark. He was then presumably put in a Think Tank and remained there until being freed when Emmet jumped out of Octan Tower with the battery that was going to be used to kill the Master Builders. When the TAKOS is destroyed, he is seen celebrating with the Master Builders and the citizens of Bricksburg.


Speed Racer has a white jumpsuit and a helmet. His jumpsuit has a light gray zipper and various gray markings on it and the helmet has a red M on the top. He has a flesh-colored complexion and black eyebrows.

Abilities and Skills

As mentioned above, Speed Racer knows how to professionally drive a race car, and being a pirate, he knows how to wield a sword, his sword of choice being a dull, gray sword with a hilt decorated with two pointed blade-like decorations.

Elements Composed of

  • 2446pb482c01 (Helmet)
  • 973pb482c01 (Torso)
  • 970c00 (Legs)


  • Speed Racer briefly appears alongside Snake Oiler when Wyldstyle mentions the other realms.