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Sherry Scratchen-Post (mostly known as Mrs. Scratchen-Post) is a minor character in The LEGO Movie.

She also makes a cameo in an intro of Unikitty! and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.


Sherry is one of Emmet Brickowski's neighbors and lives close to his apartment in one of her own and is obsessed with cats. She is first seen when Emmet is "greeting his neighbors" (Step 11 in his instruction booklet) and says "good morning" to her while she is loading her truck up with her cats. She can also be seen among the citizens when Wyldstyle gives her speech to the realms. When the Duplo Aliens invade, she is beside The Fellowship of Strangers with her cats.

Portrayal in the Sets

Sherry is one of the 16 Collectible Miniifigures released for The LEGO Movie theme. Her minifigure has a scared expression on it and the same torso and leg printing from the movie. The arms, however, do not have hair printed on them like in the movie. The minifigure comes with one of her cats, a display plate, and a booklet showing the other minifigures in the line and an advertisement for The LEGO Movie.

Portrayal in the Videogame

Sherry in the game

Sherry appears in the game under the name of Mrs. Scratchen-Post and is purchased for 10,000 studs. In the open-world hub, she can be found beside Emmet's Apartment. The player must find 5 of her cats and return them to her. Being a female character, she is nimble and can jump higher than other characters. She can also throw fish, which can destroy objects and harm enemies.


Mrs. Scratchen-Post has long gray hair, red glasses, a pink shirt with hair on it with a picture of a cat on it, and faded blue pants also with hair on it.


Sherry is completely obsessed with cats, to the point of decorating all of her belongings with cat-themed pictures and decorations. She deeply cares for her cats and takes them wherever she goes and ignores anybody who isn't a cat.

Abilities and Skills

Mrs. Scratchen-Post, like most female characters in The LEGO Movie, can jump higher than most male characters and can throw objects, such as fish, far lengths.


  • She has at least 20 cats.
  • Some of her cats' names are Jasmine, Dexter, Loki, Angie, Fluffy, Fluffy Jr, Fluffy Sr, Bad Leroy, and Jeff.


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