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The name's Rex. Rex Dangervest!

–-Rex introducing himself to Emmet

Rex Dangervest
Rex Dangervest
Gender Male
Enemies Emmet Brickowski, Lucy, Benny, MetalBeard, Batman, Unikitty, Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi, Sweet Mayhem
Friends His Velociraptors, Emmet Brickowski (formerly)
Job Galaxy Defending, Archeologist, Cowboy, Raptor Trainer
Hometown His Spaceship, Bricksburg (formerly)

Rex Dangervest (Rad Emmet Xtreme) is the deuteragonist-turned-true main antagonist in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. He was a bitter version of Emmet Brickowski from the future. He is voiced by Chris Pratt who also voices Emmet in the same movie.


The LEGO Movie 2: The Second PartEdit

Rex used to be Emmet in the original timeline, until one day, during the events of the movie, he was riding his ship and then he crashed in an asteroid field, ending up under the clothes dryer in the real world, being left there for years ever since. At some point later, he escaped and changed his appearance. Later, he created a time machine to travel back in time, going by the name “Rex Dangervest”. He recruited a raptor army, and swears the “Our-mom-ageddon” event will happen.

When the past Emmet was flying through an asteroid field in peril, Rex rescued him and introduced himself. Rex told him he was a galaxy defending archaeologist, cowboy and raptor trainer, who likes building furniture, busting heads, and having chiseled features previously hidden under baby fat. Rex took him aboard his ship, the Rexcelsior, and showed Emmet around. Emmet wanted Rex to help him save his friends, and teach him how to be tough. Rex agreed and came up with a plan to save his friends and teaches Emmet how to be tough.

Rex’s plan to save his friends was that they would enter the Systar System, and Rex would turn off the music that brainwashed Emmet’s friends and everyone else, while Emmet would destroy the reception cake to stop the wedding of Batman and Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi. Before Emmet destroys the cake, one of Emmet’s friends Lucy reveals that the Systar System was never meant for antagonism, it was meant for peace. However, Emmet destroys the cake anyway, and it is revealed that it is an act in the real world of Finn destroying his sister Bianca’s toys.

Before Emmet can try and stop it, he is prevented by Rex, who reveals he is a bitter version of Emmet from the future and tells him his story. After Emmet tries to fight back, Rex knocks Emmet under the clothes dryer, insuring him that he will exist. Emmet determines that he will never be like Rex, and he returns to the Lego world to help his friends and the Systar System’s army fight Rex’s.

Realizing that Emmet will never turn out like him, Rex‘s timeline is erased and Rex is erased from existence. Before he was completely erased, he told Emmet to always remain upbeat.


Rex Dangervest has stubble dots on his face and has similar construction worker vests and patterns compared to Emmet Brickowski, but in different colors. Emmet's vest is bright orange and very light gray, while Rex’s is earth blue and dark stone grey. They both have blue undershirts and (Emmet’s is brighter and Rex’s is darker) share the same quiff in their hair. They both also have brown hair, but Rex’s is less combed and darker than Emmet’s.


  • Dangervest's attributes mirror those of Chris Pratt's characters, from Guardians of the Galaxy's Peter Quill (2014, same year as prequel), Indiana Jones, The Magnificent Seven's Josh Faraday (2016), and Jurassic World's Owen Grady (2015).[1]
  • Emmet and Rex share similar vest patterns, but in different colors (Emmet's in bright orange and very light grey, and Rex's in earth blue and dark stone grey*). They both don a bright blue undershirt, and share the same quiff in their hair.
  • When Rex and Emmet get attacked by Plantimals in the forest, the sound that plays when Rex fires his gun is Rex saying "Pew!"
  • The name of one of Rex's velociraptors (The Other One) may be a reference to "The Big One" from the first Jurassic Park movie, seeing as how they are both velociraptors and their names both start with the words 'The' and end with 'One'.
  • Rex's name is an acronym for Rad Emmet Xtreme



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