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MetalBeard is a mechanized pirate and Master Builder and one of the three tetartagonists (the others being Benny and Unikitty) in The LEGO Movie and one of the main characters in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. He is voiced by Nick Offerman.


The LEGO Movie

MetalBeard and his crew once tried to infiltrate the Octan Tower. However, they had security measures that were completely unexpected. MetalBeard was the only one who made it out with only his head and organs. He initially abandons Emmet and company, dubbing their efforts as a "lost cause", but later returns when he sees Lord Business' forces overlook them, due to them hiding in Emmet's Double Decker Couch. He states that they need more "dumb ideas" like Emmet's.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

Picking Up The Events, At the end of the first film, When the DUPLO Aliens invaded Bricksburg, he was ready to battle alongside the master builders, while he accidentally knocked Vitruvius (as a ghost) away. He tried to defeat them using a laser shooter but failed.


MetalBeard is a somewhat cynical, sarcastic and bitter man, mostly due to his backstory. At first, he dismisses Emmet because of his lack of experience. However, he later comes to save him and his friends after one of Emmet's ideas ( the Double Decker Couch) helps them stay afloat in the sea.

He is, altogether, a typical pirate character and uses a lot of phrases associated with pirates.


  • He mentions that the first rule of the sea is "Never place your rear end on a pirate's face". The other rules are as follows: "Always abandon a lost cause", "Never wear a dress on a Tuesday", "Never put ye hand in a clam's mouth", "Jolly Rogers are not for eating", and "Never release a Kraken".
  • He is voiced by Roger L. Jackson in The LEGO Movie Videogame.
  • He can reconfigure his mechanical body into anything (such as a one-legged monkey head).
    • He can also transform into a photocopier, despite being much larger than one.
  • His first line "Wiping ye bum with a hook for a hand is really hard", which suggest this happen to himself once.


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