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Master Builders are a crucial part in The LEGO Movie. Master Builders are refugees in the movie, or the "Good guys". They have the ability to build anything out of bricks without using any instructions.

Meeting places


The Master Builders' one meeting place in the movie is "The Dog". The Dog is a place in Cloud Cuckoo Land and that is where Emmet gives his "The Special speech". All the Master Builders are there and then the orb of T-Tenneese (golf ball), hits them and then Bad Cop and a lot of Robo SWAT bots attack Cloud Cuckoo Land. No one knows how the Orb of T-Tenneese got in there. It could be a possibility that Bad Cop or one of the Robo SWAT members had taken it from President Business' relic room.

List of Master Builders

  • Test Dummy