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Garma-daddy likey!

–Lord Garmadon

Lord Garmadon is the "Worst Guy Ever" as well as the main antagonist turned anti-hero of the 2017 movie, The LEGO Ninjago Movie. He is the older brother of Master Wu, Lloyd's father, and Koko's ex-husband.

He is voiced by Justin Theroux.


The LEGO Ninjago Movie

At some point, Garmadon met Koko in a battle, and they fell in love. They eventually got married and had a child named Lloyd. However, Koko soon realized that Lloyd would grow up to be evil if he stayed with Garmadon, so she left Garmadon along with her son. Not changing to become a good father became one of Lord Garmadon's greatest regrets.

At some point after this, Garmadon gained the Shark Army and would attack Ninjago almost daily, until a Secret Ninja Force formed to repel his attacks. Eventually, his attacks were added to the daily weather forecast. On Lloyd's birthday, he attacked again in a Shark Walker, sending his Shark Army to try and take over Ninjago City. The Secret Ninja force responded and took to their mechs, fighting back against the Shark Army forces. Lloyd went after Garmadon, who kept running in his Mech all over the city, mocking the Green Ninja, telling him to shoot him if he saw him. Lloyd then saw the shark head poking out and fired, and Garmadon yelled that Lloyd hit his kidney. Lloyd then tracked Garmadon down and used his Green Ninja Mech Dragon to send rapid fire missiles at Garamdon, after the Dark Lord said that he left because his son cried all the time, had no hair or any teeth. Garmadon was then surrounded by the Ninjas' mechs, and he threw a bomb at Lloyd, which he could not catch. As Lloyd yelled at him to get out of his life, Garmadon told Lloyd he had a lot of problems and that he hoped that he would have them sorted out by the time he was back to attack again.

Garmadon then returned to his Volcanic Lair and met with his generals, telling them they had finally taken Ninjago. When General Number 1 tried to correct him, Garmadon yelled that he was being sarcastic, and asked #1 if he wanted to be a follower or a leader. When he said leader, Garmadon fired him out the volcano. Other generals dropped ideas, only to be fired as well. But then, some IT Guys gave him the blueprints for a new mech, Garma Mecha Man. They then got to work building it.

The next day, he attacked again, with a bigger army and the new Garma Mecha Man. Once again, The Ninja went to stop him, but it went differently. Garmadon grabbed the Mech Dragon and flung it into the docks, firing off tons of Sharks. He then climbed up the tower to the mayor, and planting a flag, finally taking Ninjago City after so many tries. Lloyd followed him up on his dragon, and aimed the Ultimate Weapon at the Garma Mecha Man, demanding Lord Garmadon leave Ninjago forever. Garmadon began dropping his weapons, and then started walking towards Lloyd, pressuring the Green Ninja into firing the weapon: a light that attracted Meowthra. Garmadon took the chance to grab the weapon and aim it at the other Ninjas' mechs, having the cat destroy them. He then used his Mech to kick the Green Ninja Mech Dragon off the tower, and some Shark Army members grabbed Lloyd.

Lloyd then revealed he was Garmadon's lost son and told Garmadon that he wished Garmadon wasn't his father before escaping. Garmadon then moved from his volcano to the tower, and the Shark Army partied there in celebration of their victory yet Garmadon was upset over Lloyd wishing that Garmadon wasn't his father. He then called out to his then General Number 1 and asked her if she had captured the Ninja, Master Wu or Koko like he asked her to, which she didn't as she was busy celebrating with the other Generals, which gets her fired from the volcano.


Garmadon wears black samurai armor and a towering horned helmet that makes him appear taller than he really is. He has four arms, red glowing eyes and a demonic, fanged smile.


At first, Garmadon seems to be bent on the destruction of Ninjago City, travelling to Ninjago City on the regular to try and conquer the city. However, as the movie goes on, he starts to develop as a person (or warlord?) and starts helping Lloyd develop his throwing skills, as well as helping the Secret Ninja Force get to the Temple of Fragile Foundations, which is revealed to be the 70617 Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon. By the end of the movie, he has moved in with Lloyd and his mother.

Official Description

The baddest warlord of all time, Lord Garmadon has glowing red eyes, sharp teeth, horns, and four arms. Has an affinity for sharks. Lord Garmadon can smell fear, but everyone around him can see it because wherever he goes people flee in panic. Impatient, impulsive and completely self-absorbed, he likes to make a point by firing his generals …. from a volcano. Though he hasn’t been successful yet, Lord Garmadon never stops trying to take over NINJAGO City. But why? Could it be he needs to reconnect with the son he hardly knows?[1]

Weapons and Abilities

Garmadon uses a shark staff that is tipped with a blade bearing tooth-liked spikes and a sword in the trailers, but he may be skillful with many other weapons, though these are his favorite weapons. He is also seen wielding the Ultimate Weapon after stealing it from Lloyd.

Garmadon is also a skilled Ninja, having amazing fighting skills and is highly trained in martial arts, including the dark ninja arts.

He has the element of Destruction like in his TV show counterpart.


  • 70608 Master Falls (Jungle)
  • 70612 Green Ninja Mech Dragon (Lord)
  • 70613 Garma Mecha Man (Lord)
  • 70617 Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon (Jungle)
  • 71019 The LEGO Ninjago Movie Series (Volcano; Flashback; Conical Hat)
  • 70656 garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON! (Lord)
  • 70657 Ninjago City Docks (Lord)

Movie Appearances

  • The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Video Games

  • The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame


  • He got his four arms and demonic appearance after being bitten by a snake, which had been bitten by a spider. This is an obvious reference to the original Garmadon turning evil after being bitten by the Great Devourer.
  • He is 174 years old, although he has thousands of years in the show.
  • Similarly to his TV counterpart, who in "Double Trouble" threw any serpentine with a bad idea off the boat, Garmadon fired his generals out of a volcano if they had a bad idea.
  • In the Ninjago TV series, Garmadon wanted to be part of Lloyd's life and for his son to lead a productive, good life, but due to his corruption, commits evil acts by impulse until he's later cleansed of it. In the film, Lord Garmadon is called the "Worst Guy Ever" in promotional materials, and seems to have always been willingly evil, plotting world domination when he and Koko were dating. That being said, he does seem to care for Lloyd to some extent, with some promotional materials implying part of his motivation for invading Ninjago City is to get to know his son.
  • His flashback variant never actually appeared physically in the movie except in Garmadon's imagination, imagining if Koko and he got back together to raise Lloyd to have a normal life.
  • Out of Lloyd, Koko, and Wu, Garmadon seems to dislike Wu the most, probably because he felt Wu was always the favorite one in his family.
  • He mispronounces Lloyd's first name as "La-loyd." He says that he would know the right way to pronounce it because he named Lloyd.
  • During the time he was trapped in the jungle by the Ninja, it was emphasized that despite being the older brother he looks much younger than Wu, something that also happens with his counterpart in the show, to which his answer is that he "wear[s] a face mask".
  • He always wears a blue cloak in the film, but he with cloak is in only one set.
  • Unlike President Business, who wanted order and control over his city, and the Joker, who was chaotic and insane on his attacks on Gotham, Garmadon is obsessed with conquering Ninjago. Lord Business wanted to be seen as special, Joker wanted Batman to finally see him as his arch-enemy, Lord Garmadon wants to have a good relationship with his son but has a hard time letting go of being evil.


  • "I must've butt-dialed you!" - to Lloyd when he calls him