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Abyss below the Octan Tower

The Infinite Abyss of Nothingness is a large scary abyss surrounding the Octan Tower.

Interior of the Abyss


It was first mentioned early on in the movie when Lord Business attempts to throw Bad Cop out the window. It appears again much later on in the movie when Emmet Brickowski jumps out the window into the abyss to save his friends from being killed after the tower self-destructed, which allows the others to escape the Think Tank and hatch a plan to tell the LEGO world to build using stuff surrounding them to create vehicles to stop Lord Business from gluing the whole world. Meanwhile, Emmet ends up in the real world after falling through the abyss (which is actually the floor of a basement). Finn then proceeds to drop Emmet through a tube (which he wrote 'The Magic Portal' on the side of) which leads into the IAON to get Emmet back on the fight.


The IAON is a huge dark and scary portal that is in an oval shape. There are huge clouds that swirl down the center of the portal into a huge bright and colorful interior. The clouds are colored green on the outside, which turns to a red color which then proceeds to the color purple. Around this point, there are huge lightning bolts that flash around the edges of the clouds. Next, there is a dark blue section that leads into the interior of the abyss. The lightning stops here but the interior begins and leads into a more colorful interior. It then becomes a blue cloudy interior with large distorted shapes. The next layer is black and white. It then proceeds to the colors blue, red, green and yellow and ends with a tight blue layer.