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Infinite Abyss of Nothingness

The Infinite Abyss of Nothingness is an abyss surrounding the Octan Tower.

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It is first shown when Lord Business openly explains it to Bad Cop, The Abyss is a dimensional cap of Nothingness. The entirety of Infinity.

Emmet later falls into the infinite abyss of nothingness to stop the Master Builders from being destroyed.

Then when Emmet is trying to escape the battery, he goes into it with the Piece of resistance and comes into the real world.

Interior of the Abyss

The boy uses a tube, leading back to the IAON to get Emmet back on the fight.


The interior of the I.A.O.N Is black with infinite colorful bricks inside and a bit outside of it. It has multiple layers of colors and flashing. The first layer has Colorful glowing bricks surrounding it,

The second is much cloudy with green wires and bulbs

The third layer is the same as the first but the bricks are recolored white.

The fourth layer has the colors of Yellow, red, Blue and green and are divided into 4 parts.

The Fifth and final Layer are blue bricks and getting closer the bricks glow white.


The Exterior is a bunch of stormy clouds surrounding the Octan tower, the colors that are closest to the interior are Pink and red while the other colors outside of those are Cyan/blue and Green.