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Chewie, we're supposed to be half way to Naboo for a sweet party right now. This hyperdrive keeps malfunctioning, taking us to LOSER systems like this!

Han Solo is a minor character in The LEGO Movie, originally from the Star Wars franchise. He is voiced by Keith Ferguson.

The LEGO Movie

Solo appears from nowhere in the Millennium Falcon when Emmet and the Master Builders are arguing about where to get a hyperdrive from in order to invade Lord Business's Octan Tower. He complains to Chewbacca about their hyperdrive malfunctioning and they should not be in the "loser system" that the Lego characters are in. However, Lando Calrissian points out that Wyldstyle is a pretty girl, and it is clear Lando has fallen for her.

Batman engages in a brief chat with Wyldstyle, and suddenly uses a grapple cable to jump onto the Falcon, attempting to socialise with the Star Wars characters. This leaves Wyldstyle heartbroken and Emmet disappointed. Just as they discuss about Batman being "blind" and "a bad partner", the Dark Knight suddenly reappears behind Emmet with the hyperdrive. To which Benny asks "But won't they know their hyperdrive is missing?".

The scene then shows a section from The Empire Strikes Back where the Star Wars characters are escaping from an asteroid with a Space Slug. Han tells Chewie to "hit the hyperdrive", but the spaceship fails. The Space Slug then emerges and swallows the Falcon.