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The Ghost is a character and Master Builder in The LEGO Movie..


The Ghost is a Master Builder and one of the many that attends the assembly of the Master Builders until Cloud Cuckoo Land is attacked and he/she is carried off by the Robo SWAT and put in a Think Tank to have his creativity harvested. He/She was freed when Emmet jumped out of Octan Tower with the battery that was going to be used to kill him/her and the rest of the Master Builders.


The Ghost wears a "sandwich-board" piece over a mostly covered minifigure torso that gives him/her a cartoony appearance of a Ghost with a smiling face and eyes without pupils. He has a white 1x2 brick underneath him as opposed to normal legs, meaning that he cannot walk normally, but can fly.

Abilities and Skills

In one scene, the Ghost is shown to have the ability to disappear in a puff of smoke and to fly, though he/she does not need a string to fly like Vitruvius' ghost. He/She can pass through solid objects as well. Though not actually seen in the film, the ghost has the ability to glow-in-the-dark. Being a Master Builder, he/she is very creative and doesn't need instructions to create.

Elements Composed of

  • 2888 (Shroud)
  • 3626b (Headpiece)
  • 973c09 (Torso)
  • 3245b (Leg brick)