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We are from the Planet Duplo, and we are here to destroy you.

–To Emmet and his friends

The LEGO Duplo Alien Invaders are false antagonists who appear at the end of The LEGO Movie. They are voiced by Graham Miller. They make another appearance in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.

The LEGO Movie

Near the end of the movie, "The Man Upstairs" tells Finn to guess who else gets to play with the LEGO creations, now that he's letting Finn play with them. Finn then asks "Who?", to which "The Man Upstairs" replies with "Your sister". Finn then asks "What?", as it cuts to a U.F.O. above Bricksburg. Afterwards, three LEGO Duplo Alien Invaders are shot down into Bricksburg. They then state that they are from the Planet Duplo and are there to "destroy" Emmet and his friends.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

Following the end of the first movie, the Master Builders get ready to battle, but Emmet decides to build a peace offering for the LEGO Duplo Alien Invaders. He holds it out to them and the LEGO Duplo Alien Invaders are fascinated and saying that they could be friends. One of the Invaders gets close to the offering. The other Master Builders are convinced that the offering worked until one of the LEGO Duplo Alien Invaders eats it. The latter's head opens and the pieces used for the peace offering are being levitated into the U.F.O. Emmet is shocked and the LEGO Duplo Alien Invaders tell him that they want "more". More U.F.O.s arrive in Bricksburg and Lucy decides to attack. She builds a mallet and hits one of the Invaders, causing its star to fall off. The Invader starts wailing, causing windows to be shattered. The LEGO Duplo Alien Invaders eventually destroyed so much of the city again and again, that the citizens of Bricksburg were not able to build anything shiny, as that would attract the attention of the Invaders. As a result, the city was renamed Apocalypseburg and had no shiny elements.

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== Gallery Since the invaders's ufo appeared after the man upstairs says, your sister, it's quite possible that the invaders are bianca's toys.