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Bricksburg, USA is a massive city inhabited by many minifigures with city-related occupations, like cops, construction workers, surfers, baristas, firemen, garbage men and others.


.During the reign of Lord Business, walls were built around the city blocking it off from the other realms and all of the inhabitants who were caught building against the instructions were "put to sleep". Cameras placed all over the city watch citizens to make sure that they follow the instructions. Like the other realms, the Master Builders built tunnels in the massive walls surrounding the realm in order to escape President Business' grasp. It was also the first (and only) realm to be attacked by the Kragle-izer until President Business was redeemed and un-kragled the affected parts of the city.

Portrayal in the Videogame


Bricksburg acts as the first unlocked hub of the game, which contains all of the features from the film, including Emmet's Apartment, the Police Station, The Construction Site and the train station.

List of Bricksburg Residents and Visitors




Emmet's Apartment

A small, brown and gray apartment where Emmet and several other minifigures live and where rooms are leased and rented. supplied with several instruction booklets to tell the citizens how to carry out their everyday lives.

The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop is where expensive coffee can be bought according to the Instructions.

The Coffee Shop.

Other Locations

In Bricksburg, there is also a monorail system, multiple apartments, and a police station operated by the Robo SWAT. Also in the city, lies a construction site where Emmet works among many others.


  • In The LEGO Movie, the citizen's favorite song is "Everything is Awesome" which is used by Lord Business to brainwash them while he brings about "Taco Tuesday".
  • Bricksburg is a name reference to Blacksburg which is a town in Virginia, United States