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Give me that phantom zone projector!


Batgirl (real name: Barbara Gordon) is the tritagonist of The LEGO Batman Movie.


Barbara Gordon is a hard-working and honest person who is extremely dedicated to the safety of Gotham City. Even though she admired Batman as a child, she now understands that his vigilantism is not the best way to deal with crime and thinks that teamwork and compassion are important to make Gotham City a better place. Most of the time, she is polite and friendly and when she arrests Robin, she apologizes to him, because she knows he was merely following Batman. Still she is an assertive person who isn't afraid to call out Batman on his wrong-doings and has a big sarcastic side.


The first few scenes after Barbara puts on her mask, her eyes are normal, however, starting when she attempts to put Voldemort in the Phantom Zone, her eyes are glowing white, like Batman. It is unknown why this is the case.