It's Armamageddon!!


Armamageddon (Our mama gets in) is an event in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. It was masterminded by the future version of Emmet, Rex Dangervest.


Its goal was to get the Lego and Duplo creations locked into the "Bin of Sto-rajj" (which is an altered pronunciation of 'Bin of Storage')", so that Rex could exact vengeance on the characters who, in his opinion, had ostracized him.

The Vision

Oh, come to think of it, I actually had a nightmare last night.


At some point after the DUPLO Invaders destroyed Bricksburg (now Apocalypseburg), Emmet had a vision of this event in the form of a nightmare, much like Vitrivius' prophecy in the previous movie. He told Lucy about a void opening in the ground and all the Master Builders being sucked into it. He also made mentioned a dolphin with a top hat and a clock on its chest, declaring the time was "5:15 P.M".

Wedding Disaster

What's happening? What did I just do!?

Emmet Brickowski

The vision was reinforced when General Mayhem infiltrated the Lego encampment and played a catchy song, which announced that "your greatest leaders are cordially invited to a matromonial ceremony tonight at 5:15". Lucy tried to fight her off along with help from Batman, Benny, Metal Beard and Emmet, but four of these were captured and Emmett attempted to rescue them.

Unable to motivate the Lego characters to help him, Emmett set out in a spaceship to the Duplo system. However, he ran into numerous problems along the way, and just before his ship was annihilated by an asteroid, he was suddenly rescued by Rex Dangervest. The rugged adventurer brought him to the Rex-celsior and introduced him to his crew. Emmet persuaded Rex to help him rescue his friends. The two headed onto a planet with Plant-animals along with the raptors which Rex had trained, but they were snatched into the trees. The duo were then forced to flee by building a vehicle with Lego pieces. How

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