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"The Man Upstairs" is the father of Finn and one of the two main antagonists (alongside Lord Business) of Warner Animation Group's 1st full-length animated feature film The LEGO Movie, and a cameo character in the sequel The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.

He is portrayed by Will Ferrell, who also voices President Business.


The LEGO Movie

Emmet Brickowski first learns of "The Man Upstairs" through a vision after coming into contact with the Piece of Resistance. The reason for the vision being that he had no knowledge of master builders before meeting Wildstyle and Vitruvius and the fact that Emmet's mind was so barren to begin with. Emmet finally comes face to face with "The Man Upstairs" after falling through "The Magic Portal". "The Man Upstairs" is initially disappointed with his son, Finn, that he treated his Lego collection like a toy and not a highly sophisticated interlocking brick system as the man put it. He then proceeds to disassemble the Lego creations (shown in the Lego universe as the micro managers breaking things apart) and glue them permanently into their original true form. But then, "The Man Upstairs" takes a step back and realizes that what his son created was unique, thus he had a change of heart. "The Man Upstairs" also realizes that he was too strict on his son as the villain of Finn's story resembles him. The man apologizes for his rash behavior and he and his son now play with the Lego collection as a family.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

In The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, he does not appear physically, though his voice can be heard saying: "Kids, do the thing... uh, what your mother says." in one scene. At the end of the movie, his voice can be heard saying: "Honey, Where are My Pants?".


  • "Honey, where are my pants?!" - to his wife at the end of the second movie
  • "That's just a suggestion, they have to put that on there." - to Finn when he complains about not being able to play with his Lego collection


  • Finn appears in a cutscene in The LEGO Movie Videogame, however, his father is absent. "The Man Upstairs" is never actually mentioned or shown in the cutscenes. This was likely done to avoid spoilers.
  • He is the real-life counterpart to President Business.
  • When he says towards the end of the second movie "Honey where are my pants.", Finn could've gotten that idea from him for the famous TV "Where are my pants" show in the previous movie.